Select projects.


ProsePlay (2023). A tool for exploring alternate wor(l)d choices and possibilities.

Coem (2022). A programming language that imagines poetry as purposeful and code as emotional.

Every Element Is an HTML (2022). Jamming with the raw materials of HTML.

Stitched Links (2022). Hyperlinks as threads woven through the fabric of the webpage.

Storehouse-A.Info (2021). A text and typography–based virtual exhibition showcasing interactive visual poetry.

Rivers (2021). A steadily widening river of whitespace runs down the middle of a text passage.

Stream of Consciousness (2020). A tool that sends your thoughts down a stream of consciousness.

Waking and Sleeping (2020). “Good morning” and “good night” tweets, mapped in real-time.

I Name This Feeling (2020). A tool for writing poetry by giving names to your feelings.

A Global Language (2020). An interactive visualisation tool exploring the etymological history of the English language.

Wikipedia Narratives (2019). A Wikipedia-based game or tool inspired by Mad Libs.